Data Driven Results




The recurring question I get asked as a digital consultant is, in principle, really simple
This most common question comes in many forms but essentially I am posed this challenge:

I am not happy with this site, what can be done to make it better?

It is a good starting-point question.

The simplest way to explain what I do at trsdigital is that I start from that point too
After that I look into the available data in more depth and establish what is needed to provide a solution.

I then work with my clients to deliver results from the insight that analysis has provided

It sounds simple, but the reality is often challenging and requires creative thinking

Because “not happy” is a subjective variable

Because “site” or “business” can also mean a different scope

Because “can be done” and “better” can also vary wildly

So although it’s a simple enough question, the answer may be a different solution, every time it’s asked

This work can include elements from a mix of disciplines: business and web analytics, usability (UX) and customer experience optimisation (CXO), advertising and marketing strategy, conversion rate optimisation (CRO – using AB and MVT to statistically measure changes in user actions) and business process and production efficiency.

Some of the process and investigation is standard, some will need special sauce that applies to that one particular project.
That challenge keeps me engaged and learning every day.

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